Visa per post

For the convenience of our clients Russian contact centers offer the service of reception documents sent by mail.

Exceptions are private visas issued on the basis of a written request of a Russian citizen for joint entry to Russia of his family members (spouses and minor children), as well as visas issued by the decision of the Consular department on the day of submission of documents (emergency, urgent cases).


Please prepare required documents according to the type of your visa (including Visa Application Cover letter):


When filling out electronic visa application form on website, please choose the place of submission - Russian Contact Center (Budapest).

Please make sure that your invitation is correct and your visa application is filled out according to your invitation and passport. Please provide your mobile number and email in the visa application.


Pay for the services (to the Interlink Service Kft. bank account):

  1. Consular fee according to visa category and urgency (please refer to visa categories);
  2. Service fee – 10500 HUF;
  3. Postal processing fee – 5400 HUF (for each applicant);
  4. Courier fee - 5400 HUF for each passport (if applicable).


Pack all the documents in a post envelop according to the list below (documents for a family or group of applicants traveling together should be sent in one package):

  1. required documents for visa processing (separate for each applicant);
  2. bank payment (bank account of Interlink Service Kft.);
  3. cover letter
  4. envelope with full address for return delivery (if applicable).

Attention! In case of any changes of your return delivery address, please print out, fill in and send us a written request to change your return delivery address:


Send the completed package of documents by post to the Russian contact center:

Interlink Service Kft.
Andrássy út. 100
1062, Budapest, Magyarországon


After receiving your documents at the Contact Center, documents are processed only from the moment the payment is received to the contact center's account.

If the documents in need of additional information be corrected or explained, we will email you the request.

If there are any mistakes or inaccuracies in your visa application form, the Contact center operators can make corrections to the visa application form according to the submitted documents. The cost of this additional service will be 1800 HUF.


In case of an incorrect set of documents, the Contact center reserves the right to return the documents. The postal processing and service fees of the contact center, as well as the return delivery fee are not refundable.


After processing at the Contact center your documents will be submitted to the appropriate Consular department.

The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made by the Russian consular department, which may also request additional documents, invite you to an interview, or extend the visa processing period.


Russian Consular department in Hungary do not accept visa documents by post.


Your passport will be sent back to you by courier (if you request this service), or you can collect it directly at the Contact center on any business day from 10:00 to 15:00.